Calling All Christian Business Owners

sindu 2

Sindu Prawira

PT. Surabaya Wire
Church: GKI Pregolan Bunder
(Gereja Kristen Indonesia Pregolan Bunder)

Sindu Prawira is a seasoned businessman with 30 years of experience leading PT. Surabaya Wire, a steel wire company. He also owns several small and medium-sized businesses in Surabaya. Active in church leadership since 2002, he served as an elder and held the position of chairman of the board from 2009 to 2017.  Regularly attending IDMC conferences since 2002, his faith has transformed his view of business from a purely financial pursuit to a platform for mission. This transformation was further strengthened during the COVID-19 pandemic when he received a divine vision to establish a BAM business in aquaculture. Despite lacking prior experience, his faith empowers him to pursue this mission and use the aquaculture business as a tool for discipleship.

KL Tan new

KL Tan

P-Asia Singapore
Church: St. John's - St. Margaret's Church (Anglican)

KL Tan's entrepreneurial journey began in 1995, following several years of working with foreign multinational companies. Despite having started attending church in 1957, KL eventually left the church due to his busy career advancement. At the pinnacle of his career, he launched his own business venture, but unfortunately, within 3 years, the business failed, and KL lost all of his money. His faith was tested when prayers seemed to go unanswered, and he quarreled with God. His business turned around only after he learned to unconditionally commit it to God and put God at the center of his business.

dylan wilk

Dylan Wilk

Gandang Kalikasan Inc.
Church: Saddleback Church

Dylan Wilk, a true visionary whose life embodies the extraordinary fusion of faith, entrepreneurship, and social change. Dylan's entrepreneurial journey began humbly when he founded a video game company against all odds. Despite skepticism, he fearlessly pursued his dreams and, within five years, emerged as the 9th wealthiest individual under 30 in the United Kingdom. Teaming up with his beloved wife, Anna Meloto Wilk, he embarked on a mission to effect lasting change through Human Nature, an innovative social enterprise in the Philippines. Grounded in unwavering faith, they integrated eco-friendly practices and fairtrade principles, empowering farmers and workers with above-average wages and comprehensive benefits. Today, Human Nature stands as a beacon of hope in the organic cosmetics market, inspiring socially conscious businesses worldwide. As a speaker, Dylan Wilk's authentic faith-filled storytelling resonates deeply with audiences, challenging us to redefine success and happiness. He urges us to embrace our unique calling and utilize our God-given talents to uplift others, fostering a world where lives are enriched and God's glory shines brightly.

kerwin tansekiao 2

Kerwin Tansekiao

Managing Director
Jimini Foods Group
Church: St. Stephen’s Parish

Our brother Kerwin, the Chief Steward for the Jimini Foods Group—the largest pizza network in the Philippines with over 1,300 serving stations—curates multiple award-winning brands with a mission to bring smiles and uplift the taste of Filipinos with good and affordable food to share with joy and happiness. A cancer overcomer since 2019, Kerwin has written Breakthrough (Lockdown Reflections on Being Still and Knowing God) and ONE (Lockdown Reflections on Jesus as our ONE WORD). He received the Agora Marketing Excellence Award for Large Enterprises in 2019 and numerous other recognitions for revitalizing the frozen fresh pizza industry in the Philippines. Kerwin's constant prayer is for the Lord to awaken the spirit of believers, enabling them to experience Jesus and live victoriously in Christ by His grace and the power of the Holy Spirit.

matthew kok

Matthew Kok

Co-Founder and Advisor
Business as Mission Asia-Pacific
Church: Covenant Evangelical Free Church

This leader excels not only in business, having over 25 years of experience managing wealth for high-net-worth individuals and currently owning his own licensed wealth management company, but also in Business as Mission.  A renowned speaker and teacher at churches across Asia, his captivating talks and impactful videos inspire many.  His commitment to faith goes beyond words; he served over a decade on the Missions Governing Board and is now Co-Founder and Advisor of BAM Asia-Pacific, mobilizing churches and business owners for a mission.  A man of integrity, he shares his wisdom on "Biblical Understanding of Money" and "Business as Mission" through conferences, and seminars, and cherishes his roles as husband to Elaine and father to their two doctor children.

Richard Tan3

Richard Tan

Business as Mission Asia-Pacific
Church: Bread from Heaven Christian Fellowship

Richard is a loving husband to Cathy and a devoted father to their children, Rachel and Charles. He is the founder of a leading fragrance and flavors company in the Philippines, which just celebrated its 25th anniversary. Richard and his wife also founded Business as Mission Philippines, and he currently holds the position of Chairman of Business as Mission Asia-Pacific. His commitment to serving others extends beyond his business endeavors, as he is the Chairman of the Board of Deacons at Bread from Heaven Christian Fellowship, his home church, and is part of the core team for the married couples ministry. Richard has served on the Board of Trustees for a non-profit organization in the Philippines that implements holistic and transformational programs for marginalized communities across the country. As a mentor to the next generation, he provides guidance on being a faithful steward as a Christian business owner. In his free time, Richard enjoys playing chess, embodying in his life the principle that God is King and is always victorious.