Who We Are

We in Business as Mission Philippines (“BAM Philippines”) are composed of God-fearing Christian Business Owners who have matured and flourished through years of experience and influence. Our journey has inspired us to share what we’ve learned with our fellow business owners, both established and young in the field.

The way our businesses are run is governed by the principles and standards of the Scripture, from how we deal with our employees, partners, stakeholders to what we provide and serve our customers. BAM Philippines advocates that our companies belong to God and that as faithful stewards, we are aligned with the teachings of Christ. We would like to share these important lessons of stewardship with you and provide a community where you can fellowship with Christian Business Owners for support.

What We Do



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Praise God for our second and third live radio guesting at 702 FEBC DZAS Entre-Pinoy Espesyal program, where BAM Philippines Core Lead, Cathy Tan, gives a closer look at our advocacy – a life of worship, gratitude, and obedience. Listen to these replays and may it resonate with your life as a Christian Business Owner.

Praise God for this week’s motivation from Business As Mission Philippines Core Lead, Cathy Tan, who was featured live this morning on Light TV.

What a great reminder for us to continue encouraging one another to share the gospel through our business – to use it as a platform – such as our meetings with staff and colleagues. So dear Christian Business Owners, onward we go!

If you weren’t able to catch the live interview, you can watch it here.

Stay tuned as BAM Philippines will be featured next on Light TV’s business program, Bless Negosyo. Further details to be announced soon.

To God be all the glory as we share the purpose and thrust of “Our Business as Our Worship”.

To our fellow Christian Business Owners, we are very excited to share that Business As Mission (BAM) Philippines is now streaming on Entre-Pinoy Espesyal by 702 DZAS FEBC Radio. This day marks our very first guest segment featuring BAM Philippines Core Leader, Cathy Tan.

Thank you very much to Aruel Mendoza and the FEBC Team for the warm welcome! We had such a fruitful discussion on the principles and framework of Business As Mission, especially focusing on the true purpose and calling of Christian Business Owners.

May the Lord continue to bless this partnership in reaching more businesspeople, so that together we can strengthen each other in serving the Lord through our businesses!

We will be having another guest segment next Tuesday, August 29, 2023. Tune in at 11:00 AM to know more about practicing Business As Mission in our workplace!

The Bible is a wellspring of wisdom, principles, and values that can guide us as we run and manage our businesses. BAM Philippines has a collection of videos on spiritual teachings on matters ranging from stewardship of our companies, discipleship in the workplace, discerning the right investments, to even proper taxation.

Watch a snippet below of Matthew Kok, Chairman of Business as Mission (BAM) Thrust CEFC Singapore, sharing how businesses can be a springboard for ministry.

If you were blessed by this video of Matthew Kok, you can have the opportunity to watch him in person at BAM Philippines’ First Asia Conference on Oct. 20-21. Click here to know more.

This is an exciting event we have lined up in 2023. Keep scrolling to know more!

Special Announcement

Through the Lord’s leading in each and everyone of us, Christian leaders, business owners, mentors, and pastors will gather for the first-ever BAM Philippines’ Asia Conference which will be held on October 20-21 at Shangri-La The Fort, Manila, Philippines.

Anointed ministers and business leaders who have made a huge impact globally will speak on the theme "The Relevance of Jesus to my Business." The speakers will share their testimonies in response to the calling of BAM. Get the opportunity to hear and see Rev. Edmund Chan and Matthew Kok live during the conference.

Christian Business Owners Dr. Cecilio Pedro, Glenn Yu, and Dylan Wilk will also share how God transformed their lives and companies, and how His Spirit empowers and equips them everyday.

Be a member of Business As Mission Philippines today to stay updated. This is one conference you can’t miss!

Thursday 8PM is a special day of the week, and it's a great time to pause and find solace in prayer. We invite all Christian Business Owners (Stewards of His business) to join us for Thursday prayers — come for hope, spiritual growth, worship, fellowship and encouragement.

September 28, 2023 - Bacolod Team
October 05, 2023 - Manila Team
October 12, 2023 - Singapore Team

Here’s a preview of our journey sharing BAM Philippines’ mission and vision across the Philippines.

May 2023 - First BAM Fellowship in Cebu

"I am a Christian business owner and I want to serve the Lord through my business. How do I start? Where do I find a community of Christians who share the same thoughts I can collaborate with?"

Over 200 Christian Business Owners attended BAM Philippines’ First Cebu Face-to-Face Fellowship last May 6 at Seda Ayala Center, to tackle such questions with the guidance of God’s Word and to speak about their testimonials.

Read more about it in our blog.

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Business As Mission aims to unite Christian Business Owners who God appointed to carry out His work through their businesses and help them understand their purpose as stewards of God's people, resources, and planet.

If the Lord has impressed upon your heart to be part of His work through Business As Mission, please click here. We are excited to welcome and fellowship with you!