Dr. Cecilio Pedro


In bustling Manila, Philippines, Cecilio K. Pedro emerged as a godly leader and entrepreneur. Guided by his unwavering faith, he made a difference in the business world and beyond.

With an education rooted in God's wisdom, Cecilio ventured into business, aligning his path with divine principles. As President and CEO of Aluminum Container Inc. and later Alucon Inc., he led with integrity and innovation, while upholding godly values of honesty, compassion, and stewardship.

In March 1988, Cecilio's transformative journey continued as President and CEO of Lamoiyan Corporation, where he positioned the company as a leading toothpaste manufacturer. His commitment to excellence and desire to serve God fueled his dedication to providing high-quality products.

Beyond business, Cecilio uplifted his community, serving as President of the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Inc. He championed causes such as the Deaf Evangelistic Alliance Foundation Inc., reflecting God's love and grace.

Cecilio's remarkable achievements garnered recognition, showcasing the impact of his faith-driven leadership. Honored as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men, he exemplified ethical practices. His exceptional contributions at Lamoiyan Corporation earned prestigious awards, demonstrating God's favor on those who prioritize His ways.

Cecilio K. Pedro's story inspires future generations to make a lasting impact through faith and godly stewardship. His journey exemplifies the power of aligning actions with divine principles, both in the business landscape and in transforming lives.