Gina Espejo


A Business Steward and a Servant of God.

She grew up in an environment where her 'Copreneur' parents were intentional in expanding and diversifying the family business. They both graduated from the University of the Philippines. The knowledge they gained became the foundation for achieving their goals. Their busyness was a description of industry, commitment, and zeal. This day-to-day reality significantly influenced her motivations and ways of working—a pursuit of greatness and excellence. As a Pharmacist, she became a distributor of different pharmaceutical business lines, including medical supplies and medical equipment, dealing with Government Accounts and Private Hospitals. Business success was unprecedented; it was exceptional. She got her first million at the age of 27. Driven to achieve more, she continued to soar high toward greater financial success. Then, something unexpected happened; she was deceived by a business partner. Wealth gained over many years vanished like smoke. She was swindled. Challenges made her realize that apart from God, everything is meaningless and fleeting.

At that moment, she was on her knees and prayed sincerely, "God, help me. Give me 'a Husband' who would love me unconditionally, and 'One Product' for business that would bring glory to Your Most Holy Name." Not too long after, she received an unexpected call from her high school boyfriend, George Espejo, whom God destined to be her loving, generous, and lifelong partner. They are blessed with two daughters, Geona (with a BS in Entrepreneurial Studies and a licensed Broker) and Georgina (a Pharmacy student). Now, she has a big family with her son, Danmarie (her inspiration), his wife Nina Herrera, and two girls, Danna and Olivia, as well as an 82-Year-Old Mama Emilia (a daughter of Christian parents)—a person who impacted her life and from whom generational blessings flow.

In the year 2000, MX3 Food Supplements started circulating in the local market, then globally. God restored what was lost with a bunch of returns. Six other businesses sprung up with God's instruction and on the making. All these blessings are now dedicated to God's Ministry of reaching out and touching lives. Sixty percent of the net income goes to the Company's DMIRIE Foundation Inc. for ministry purposes.

Her business perspective is sealed in a mission statement: "To create a business model that advances the Great Commission." To God be the Glory!