Kerwin Tansekiao


Kerwin C. Tansekiao

Kerwin C. Tansekiao's leadership exemplifies the powerful synergy of faith, product excellence, and community responsibility. His unwavering commitment to God and dedication to consumer satisfaction have positioned Jimini Foods Group as the dominant market leader in the frozen-fresh pizza category, with over 1,300 serving stations nationwide. Kerwin's strategic leadership has propelled his products into the top 20 fastest-selling frozen SKUs in supermarkets, a testament to his innovative approach and unwavering commitment to consumer satisfaction.

When asked about Jimini's remarkable expansion despite minimal advertising and promotions, Kerwin attributes their success to divine intervention. In 2009, the company made a pivotal decision to dedicate its business to God, trusting in His guidance and wisdom. This commitment to faith has led to the alignment of the right opportunities and decisions falling into place seamlessly.

Central to Jimini's decision-making process is prayer and seeking divine guidance. Kerwin emphasizes the importance of combining faith with diligent preparation. Through prayer and discernment, Kerwin and his team trust in God's wisdom to guide their actions and decisions. Beyond business success, Kerwin is deeply committed to serving the community. He believes that businesses are meant to serve the needs of consumers and contribute positively to society.

Jimini Foods Group actively participates in making a meaningful impact on communities, embodying its mission to serve with purpose and compassion.