Matthew Kok


Introducing Matthew Kok: A Visionary Wealth Manager with a Passion for God's Glory

Step into the world of high-net-worth wealth management and witness the convergence of integrity, expertise, and a heart devoted to glorifying God. Meet Matthew Kok, an experienced professional with over 25 years of guiding affluent individuals toward financial prosperity in Hong Kong and Singapore.

As the CEO of his own wealth management company, Matthew has earned the trust of clients across Asia, safeguarding and growing their financial legacies. Since 2013, his firm, licensed by the esteemed Monetary Authority of Singapore, has stood as a beacon of trust and excellence.

Beyond his success in finance, Matthew embodies a profound commitment to his faith. He serves on the Missions Governing Board of Covenant Evangelical Free Church in Singapore, contributing to the spiritual growth of the congregation.

Driven by the belief that every aspect of life, including the marketplace, is an opportunity to make Jesus known, Matthew leads the Business as Missions (BAM) Thrust in Singapore. He champions the idea that business can advance the Kingdom of God, inspiring Christian business owners to align their practices with biblical principles.

A shepherd of financial wisdom, Matthew imparts profound insights through dynamic seminars. His teachings on the "Biblical Understanding of Money" empower individuals to view wealth through a godly lens, fostering responsible stewardship and generosity. His captivating "Business as Mission" seminars challenge entrepreneurs to infuse their ventures with purpose, emphasizing the eternal impact they can make.

Matthew's dedication to God is mirrored in his personal life. Together with his wife, Elaine, who shares his unwavering faith, they have two remarkable children serving as medical doctors. The Kok family exemplifies a commitment to excellence, dedicating their talents and resources to glorifying God.

Matthew Kok's journey reminds us that financial prosperity and spiritual devotion can coexist. Through his faith, knowledge, and commitment to making Jesus known in the marketplace, he leaves an indelible mark on the lives of those he encounters.

Embark on a transformative journey with Matthew Kok, a visionary who elevates wealth management while glorifying our sovereign God at every step.