Mats Tunehag


Mats Tunehag, a writer, speaker, and consultant originally from Sweden and now based in the USA, is engaged in various endeavors including media, religious liberty, anti-human trafficking, partnership development, and Business as Mission (BAM). He has worked in over half of the world's countries.

Tunehag serves as the Chairman of BAM Global and is recognized as a global thought leader on Business as Mission. Since the 1990s, he has established numerous networks comprising leaders from business, church, missions, and academia across all continents. He offers advisory services to entities involved in business, investment, freedom businesses, research, and partnership development. Notably, he is the chief architect of the 'Business as Mission Manifesto' and the 'Wealth Creation Manifesto,' which provide a conceptual framework for the global BAM movement.

With extensive experience, Tunehag held senior leadership roles in Business as Mission within both the Lausanne Movement and the World Evangelical Alliance. He delivers lectures worldwide on Business as Mission, with his material available in over 20 languages.

Mats Tunehag is married to Jennifer, originally from Alaska, who has been actively involved in anti-trafficking ministries at national, regional, and international levels since the 1990s. She co-founded and led both the European Freedom Network and the Freedom Business Alliance. Jennifer currently serves as the Director of the World Freedom Network. They reside in both Sweden and the USA.