Business As Mission Questions - A BAM Leader Answers

What are the questions that go through your mind as you now make your business, your mission? Would they be about finding the balance between company profitability and the pursuit of God? Or would they be about you, a Christian, sharing the Gospel with non-believer employees? Or maybe it’s just finding the time and resources to serve God, while juggling a dozen other things in your company?

All of us in BAM have asked ourselves those questions and are going through the same spiritual journey. We are honored to help you as we are part of the Body in Christ, sharing your same goal to glorify Him in your business. As we engage in conversation, we can also learn from you, which in turn will help us in strengthening this community of Christian Business Owners who have dedicated their companies to the Lord.

Please send your questions to and a BAM leader who is a fellow business owner will answer them.

This week’s question comes from Olivia, a marketing agency owner who is based in Makati City: (Posted April 28, 2023)

“I’ve been a Christian since college and I put up my own small-medium-sized enterprise a few years after graduation. I tithe faithfully and I attend Sunday and weekday services. I am also active in church activities. But somehow, it’s not enough. I’d like to merge my company and its practices with my faith. I’d like to bless my employees in the same way that God has blessed me. Where do I start?

Bro. Matthew Kok, Head of the Business as Missions (BAM) Thrust, Singapore answers:

“One thing we have to realize is that there is no more sacred-secular divide.. There is no such thing as part-time Christians for all of us are called to be fishers of men. Our business is our worship and the platform for the Gospel. 

This is exactly what sets us apart from the world aside who is without God. The purpose of God in our business is partnering with Him to present the Gospel, so the lost will come to know our Lord and Savior. Everything else is a by-product. The end result of our business is to bring people to the Lord Jesus. That is the purpose of God. God does not need us but He chooses to use His people, His adopted children, His family to give us a platform to reach out to the lost. 

Continue to tithe and serve in your local church. But also consider that where you are, your company, is your Jerusalem where you can initially reach out to the lost by sharing the Word of God. Your employees, partners, and other stakeholders are your mission field. They can come to the Lord if they see Him in you --- in the Gospel that you share, and the righteous, Biblical way that you conduct your business.”