We are blessed to share with you the testimonials of some of our BAM brethren of how God has transformed their lives once they surrendered their businesses to him.

  • "Our business is our worship. We Christian business owners are faced with constant challenges. However, Philippians 2: 15-16 says we are to live in a way ‘that no one can criticize you. Live clean, innocent lives as children of God, shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people.’ In our workplace, we can make a difference in sharing the gospel and living a life that makes people want to know more about Jesus. Business as Mission Philippines’ different speakers throughout the years help us grow in Christ. This year on October 20-21, we have Pastor Edmund Chan as our speaker whom I have heard speak numerous times, challenging me in my Christian growth."

  • “In 1962, our company in obedience to God stopped accepting liquor and cigarette ads. There was a big drop in our revenues. We were No. 4 in the industry at that time, but we stood firm in wanting to please the Lord, without worrying about our position or profit. Gradually, we recovered and even became No. 1 for more than 50 years. Now, we glorify our Lord God through our business dealings. We also use our business to proclaim God’s messages, like our billboard saying - OUR GOD SPEAKS (Talk to Me - God).”

  • “My first business was all about greed, leaving me rich but empty. One night I cried out to God because everything in my life felt wrong. He called me to start a new business with Him front and center. Matthew 6:33 says, ‘Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.’ My cofounders and I put Him first in everything. No lagay. No worker exploitation.

    “It has been 15 years of seeing God's faithfulness, walking with miracles, and seeing His trustworthiness when things get tough. During Covid, we did not lay anyone off, but saw God provide for our people. May God’s name be lifted up as more business people come to know Him.”

  • “We are not owners of our businesses, but we are God's STEWARDS over everything He has entrusted to us today. He has been training me to surrender my schedules and plans to His wisdom, leaving room for His further leading.

    “The fellowship between brothers and sisters in the Lord in the BAM fellowships I attend reminds, encourages, and refreshes us as we continue to praise and worship the Lord through the businesses, resources, and the people He is continually entrusting to us in our journey.”

  • “I thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet wise men and women who taught me the Christian businessman’s purpose and plan, and modeled these in their lives, especially in running their businesses. I learned that God owns it all and that we are to be stewards of the business. As His manager, I seek His kingdom first and operate the business with excellence and integrity. My work is a spiritual act of worship and business is not just about profit but a platform to point people to Christ. If you desire to learn these principles, I encourage you to join the upcoming BAM Asia Conference. Get equipped to run your business, God’s way.”

  • “I cannot work more than four hours in my business because the other time is spent working for the Lord. He is faithful when we consecrate our time to Him. For 20 years, from one company to eight, I maintain that schedule, and the Lord can multiply and bless. The most important thing: to walk with Him, allowing Him to nudge me, push me in the right direction, and have the humility to be corrected if I walk the wrong way. I’d like to invite everyone to join this October event to meet like-minded Christian business owners. We can learn from and encourage one another, bless others, and shine the light of Christ for God’s glory.”